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Reviving Photosuwant

The last year has been quite busy and I have not been able to give the attention to Photosuwant that I would like. I am currently in the process of reviving the website and have recently switched the main domain to point to my SmugMug portfolio permanently and I will begin more regular updates on the blog as well. I have also joined and you can now find a large selection of my prints available on that site. Additionally, you can purchase my images as iPhone and Samsung phone covers at their partner site I have an artist website that allows you to find my prints quickly and easily here.

Additionally, I’ve teamed up with my neighbors who have a booth in Canton at the First Monday Trade Days . A large selection of prints can be purchased there and I have a Fine Art America catalog there with them as well.

Here’s an example of one of the iPhone covers.


A New Look for the Website & Blog

If you’ve been here before, you probably noticed that things look a little different! I’m still working on the logo, but I think I’ve finally found a theme that I like. The actual website with the rotating gallery looks great and I needed the extra space on the blog so I could post large pictures and not the small ones you’ll see on the posts below.

I also have several new prints for sale at my Etsy store! Several are from my recent trip to Barcelona and Gran Canaria. Here’s one of the many shots you’ll find there and also one of my favorites from this past trip.

New Copyright & Licensing Information!

I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of some of the top photographers I’ve been following online and am taking the plunge with a new copyright concept. As of now, all of my images will be Creative Commons Non-Commercial. This means that you can use my photos for your personal use as long as you attribute them to Valerie Mellema and link to You can read all about it here on my licensing page.

For commercial use, I will provide licensing costs and agreements upon request. This information is also available on my licensing page.

Lake Fork, Texas

Google+ is THE Place for Photographers

I’ve only been on Google+ for a short time, but it’s very apparent that photographers are loving it and, for that reason, I’m loving it too. Not only are some of my most favorite photographers on Google+, like Trey Ratcliff of, but I’m finding and meeting new and talented photographers on a regular basis. There’s a lot of encouragement to be found and tons of inspirational photos being posted regularly.

Whether you’re a photographer or you just love photography, go to Google+, get an account and start adding people to your circles. Circles, by the way, is how you’re able to categorize all of the people you follow and if they choose to follow you they can. For instance, I have a “photographers” circle and I add all of these amazing photographers to my circle. If I choose to post something and I want to post it just to photographers, then you have that option or you can post it publicly. It’s up to you. This is one of the many features that makes Google+ stand out from the rest of the social networks out there.

I don’t think that at this point Google+ is going to knock Facebook out of the circle as it’s going to take awhile for people to realize the value in Google+, but I certainly see that photographers were quick to recognize the benefits and they’re taking advantage of everything Google+ has to offer.

To encourage the photographers that you do follow, +1 their photos, leave comments and add them to your circles. Let us know what you think of your work and we’ll greatly appreciate it.

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