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I have to admit that I LOVE Pinterest. It’s like window shopping and the photography I find on there is often times amazing and inspiring. I’ve also pinned a few of my shots on there based on location and then everyday cool stuff like beautiful wildlife and flowers. Seeing as how they updated their terms to reiterate that they are not trying to “sell” your work, there’s no reason for photographers not to be taking advantage of Pinterest to the fullest. It’s superb. If you feel like doing some photography window shopping, you can find me here.

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My Photographic Style

I’ve been thinking a lot about my photographic style lately. The topic was brought up in a Google+ hangout I was watching the other day and it’s had me thinking ever since. My photography as a whole has really grown this year a lot. We moved somewhere that has allowed me to really spread my wings and I actually have something to take a picture of now. It also helps not having powerlines in all of my shots!

Blue Sunset on Lake ForkOrder Code: A1

I have found that I tend to shoot three areas the most. One is travel because we travel extensively. The second is nature because I now am surrounded by a lake full of wildlife and birds and flowers and everything we were lacking in Amarillo, especially the trees and water. The third area is what I call “lifestyle” photography. Some are portraits and others are food and things around the house that don’t necessarily fall in with the other two categories, but do create a category of their own.

Mysterious Caddo LakeOrder Code: A20

When I step back and look at all of the pictures that I’ve taken this year, there are a few things that stick out to me. One is that I have a love for bold and bright colors. I really love photos that have rich color. However, I do really love a nice black and white shot and even an unconventional black and white like I did in my self-portrait below.

Day 31

I also love post processing. I love to take a shot that’s mediocre and then bring it alive with some cool post processing effects. I don’t do this on every shot I take, sometimes I just sharpen and bring the colors out. A lot of my shots are nearly perfect right out of the camera, but I do really love Photoshop and how it helps to bring out your creativity. One area I’ve been letting my creative juices fly here lately is through paintography, which is basically taking a picture and using an effect that makes it look like an oil painting.

The majority of my photography is done outside with natural lighting, but I have recently invested in an off-camera flash and have had a lot of fun playing with it as well. I particularly love Alan Shapiro and Mike Shaw style portraits where all you see is the face and the rest of the image is black (these are typically black and white images as well). I don’t shoot many people, but I’ve played with this technique on flowers and pets and have been really please with the results.

As I look back over the year and years, my photography has grown and changed and certainly improved as my abilities and knowledge of post processing and photography in general increases. I’m sure my style will change with the ebb and flow of my learning and practicing, but I think that is common amongst artists. You’re always striving to learn more and to try new things and some of those things really stick with you and you make them your own. In the next year I look to improve my flash work and to do some more studio style shots. I would also like to dabble in HDR, as I love HDR and am inspired every time Trey Ratcliff posts a picture – which happens to be daily!

On a Limb - Great White Egret - Lake Fork, TexasOrder Code: A4

All of the shots posted here are photos from 2011

Sunset Saturday

One of the latest new trends on Google+ amongst the photographers are daily photo themes. These are similar to what people have been doing on their blogs for a long time now, but with the search features and the large photographic community on Google+, these seem to be just a bit more fun. I’m really enjoying Google+ and it’s obvious that a lot (I mean A LOT) of other photographers are as well. Here’s a few Sunset Saturday pictures for your enjoyment.

Another fun theme is the Selfy Sunday curated by Levi Moore and Jeff Smith. Every other Sunday, hundreds of photographers post self-portraits. This theme is designed to get photographers in front of the cameras that they spend most of their time behind.

Ducks heading towards the sun

Lake Fork Glowing SunsetOrder Code: B48